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Rumour Mongering: Lacazette Again

The French striker is playing well so he’s obviously coming to Liverpool to bring back the glory or whatever. Depending on who you ask, Alexandre Lacazette is either perfect for Liverpool or not quite impressive enough to warrant a major outlay of money by the Reds. The Lyon forward has had a fairly spectacular year of goal-scoring in Ligue 1 this season, with thirty-one goals in forty games. That’s up there with his numbers from two seasons ago in the 2014/15 season when he bagged twenty-seven goals for Les Gones.
At 25 years old, it’s probably time for Lacazette to take a step up to a bigger league. As a forward he’ll be entering his peak years and there are likely to be quite a few suitors for his hand this summer. Unfortunately, for those worried about the price tag, Lyon are said...